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Clockwork Quartet vs Your Brain (via your ears) Part 2

Posted in The Clockwork Quartet @ The House Of Strange on 27 April 2009 by houseofstrange

and the rain it drips … here is the next edition, its a bit tough to pick straight up but the gist of the last post was goals. During the two recording sessions since The Doctor’s Wife/Watch Maker’s Apprentice we have begun to answer alot questions that have been nagging me since this project began. but those are going to be the topic of other discussions. 

Part 2:

But its not as simple as it sounds. Representing any type of music over speakers is a whole world of mystical voodoo. Variables that can not be planned for that will lead to major difference between what I hear coming through my speakers to what you will hear when the sound reaches your speakers, your ears, and finally your brain and accounting for those before hand is an immense job. Lot of these variables that are technical, the quality of mp3, and type of speaker you use will each impact how you end up experiencing the music. As these are all technical they can be attacked in such a way. But there are other variables that are more difficult to account for. For instance mood, time of day, fuck even season and lighting will unconsiously influence your ultimate decision of ‘I like this vs I dont like this, “this is interesting” and not “hmmm … next’. So with all this uncertainly around I guess my job title should be something more like SHAMAN, as Im wielding powers I dont quite fully understand.



some photos from the weekends recording session


in other news : the music for the millions long … stop start animation project that Ed is sculpting has begun phase one. the music will mainly be repetitive percussive sounds at the tempo 76 that will change instruments as time progresses from earths creation through to a not too distant future. melodically the piece will start in f# and move only once during the sunset sequence. to give an idea of the instrumentation the ending theme which will play during the sunset squence has been composed on the Tenori-On and the opening when the earth is forming will be played with hands in Macaroni and Cheese (slowed down to suitably squelchier rumblings). there will be tuned bamboo percussion and vibraphones some where in the middle, single pipe horns might appear during medieval times aswell.

also the hydrophone which I found on ebay from this guy ( ) arrived last week was used on all cellos, organs, violins and also on the floor tom for Closer and Withering Eyes


Clockwork Quartet Vs. Your Brain (via your ears) part 1

Posted in The Clockwork Quartet @ The House Of Strange on 19 March 2009 by houseofstrange

Hello bloggers – or am I the blogger and you the bloggees? Anyhows. I’m Ash Gardner and I have been entrusted to encode and aid in the process of cataloging the Clockwork Quartet’s sound into swarms of 1s and 0s so that they can be transported and played back in the form of sound on speakers across the interweb.


I am aiming to excite as many of your ears as possible. And won’t be taking too much for granted, except, that you, like the rest of us, have grown up exposed to a lot of organized sound played over speakers. It should grab your attention if you aren’t listening out for music, it needs to be loud, but still with wide dynamic of volume. All of it will be mixed with a combination of laptop speakers and studio monitors and should jump of of your crappy speakers and sound like crystalline perfection on your not so crappy speakers. The bass will sound tight when you turn up the bass boost, and will at all times sound clear yet interesting.  It will be instantly familiar yet intriguing. Like the best of things, you wont be able to tell quite why it has the power that it does.