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The Book of Sand is online

Posted in The Book Of Sand, The Clockwork Quartet on 3 August 2009 by patrickgleeson

It’s been quite a long time since I posted about the Book of Sand. This is not, I hasten to add, because the project’s been on hold. On the contrary, I’ve been holding off posting until we had something in the public domain for a reader to play with, and the existence of a public instance of a Book has been delayed not because of the project stagnating, but rather because we’ve kept having ideas for “must-have” features that have taken time to incorporate. (As with so many small-scale web projects we’ve been using the sort-of-but-not-actually-Agile development methodology.)

However, Book Of Sand 0.6 has now seen the light of day in the guise of the Clockwork Quartet forum.

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Book of Sand prototype

Posted in The Book Of Sand on 17 May 2009 by patrickgleeson

So on Friday I spent a few hours making a prototype Book of Sand app in PHP with MySQL (if you don’t know what those are, you probably won’t get much out of the rest of this post).

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The Book Of Sand

Posted in The Book Of Sand with tags on 12 March 2009 by Ed Saperia

I met Simon Fox for dinner at my place to discuss a new project, The Book Of Sand.

The Book Of Sand is an idea I had for a new way of organising online interactions. While most interactive online experiences (chatrooms, forums, etc) are very tied to some kind of chronological basis – newest most important – this has problems with scaling. However, something which lacks this temporal element, e.g. a wiki, has the opposite problem, in that you lose any sense of dialogue.

A reasonable description is that The Book Of Sand is like an infinitely nested threading system. It’s simpler than I am making out – when I present the first functional release, hopefully how it works will be perfectly intuitive. Simon is building it for me, and I hope to have a preliminary spec and timeline from him by the end of the week.