…so, I’m not very good at blogging, it turns out. Or rather, I hate showing unfinished work… or more specifically, writing about unfinished work. Somehow it locks you down into your half-formed ideas and makes you less creative. I look back at what we had a few months ago and shudder at how mal-formed it was.

But I feel it’s been a bit cruel keeping you all in the dark. I’ve been peppering the Facebook page fairly regularly with things that are interesting to look at, if it’s any consolation: http://www.facebook.com/ClockworkQuartet

Let’s just say – we’ve been working very hard, we have a huge amount of material stored up, and we’re attempting something much more ambitious than you’d probably imagine. This ain’t no poxy album o’ songs. Things have been hideously delayed by various illnesses, scheduling problems, and – in one case – a server crash that cost us several months’ worth of work. Come September though, we’ll have our own production studio and a full time staff of five, and many more part time and freelancers, making some pretty special stuff. Hang in there.



5 Responses to “Hi…”

  1. Its ok, we still love you guys and eagerly await your new songs. :D

    As for the server, RAID 5 or 6 all the way. Its so worth the lost space to be able to survive a drive or two burning out with all your info intact. Also a Carbonite fan since they still do unlimited backup.

  2. Kimberley J. Says:


    I have just listened to your two songs up on your website- and can honestly say in the.. ten minutes(?) your two songs last I have become very, very obsessed.
    And Album? WOOOO!!!!
    When? Can’t wait!

  3. Much love for your work. Keep it up!

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