The drum rolls…The music swells…

All’s been pretty quiet on the blog for the past month or so. Why? Well, because we’ve furiously preparing our live show, our new online shop to sell tickets for our live show, and all manner of publicity materials to induce people to come to our live show. So you’ll excuse us if we’ve not had much time to stop and reflect.

The advertising and selling of tickets has been a phenomenal success. We very quickly sold out all the tickets we put on sale, and people are clamouring for the final batch (to be released on Sunday morning). As for the show itself… well, we won’t know until it happens (15-17 October, the Horse Hospital, London), but I’d say it’s shaping up pretty well.

If you haven’t been able to get tickets to see the show, don’t worry – we’ll be performing more in the future, as well as recording a full album early in the new year and, just possibly, releasing a video of the show online. If you are coming to see the show, you might be wondering quite what to expect. Well, here’s the best I can do:

If you come expecting to see a band play a gig you’re in for a shock. Yes, there’s going to be a group of musicians standing in front of you. Yes, much of the time they will be playing songs. Yes, you’ll be able to buy drinks, sing along and clap if you want to. But we’re aiming to deliver something far more involved than a mere gig, to immerse you fully in the world we’ve created, to give you spectacle, to give you surprises. To give you the creeps.

If you come expecting to see a piece of musical theatre you’re also in for a shock. Yes, there are stories to be told. Yes, there are characters to be portrayed. Yes, we’ve put serious time and money into creating something visually compelling, with an outlandish selection of props, and costumes. But jazz hands there are not, rousing chorus numbers are not to be found, and no-one will be trying to convince you that it’s all good fun.

What is the show? The show is stories. The show is music. The show is the bastard love-child of an insane producer, a terminally morbid songwriter and a motley ensemble of musicians, actors, artists and layabouts, squeezed mercilessly into this world over the course of a gruelling, remarkable year, now tottering to its feet and vomiting out its antenatal nightmares into a basement where you can still see the stains of century-old horse blood.

Welcome to the show…


25 Responses to “The drum rolls…The music swells…”

  1. Hello

    We went to the Horse Hospital to see your show – and indeed it is a show. From the entrance, to the characters among the audience, to how the bar is run (love the Absinthe machine) and the ladies with excellent chocolate (my favorite was the fennel flavoured one). This is a great change from a regular gig and a now tried-and-tested burlesque performance of hoola-hoopers and strip girls. The characters were funny yet dark, I specifically admired the talent of the Doctor and The Fugitive. The compere(ss) was excellent too. One point though… the singing was not consistently audible nor was it always in key. Some characters lacked stage presence (nerves?) and sang too softly or overly acted, which made the show a little amateurish at times – like watching a school play. Your sound system needs sorting and you may need earpieces so you can hear if you’re in tune… That said, thanks for a great evening. Perfect for autumnal London!

  2. I wish I could go see you guys perform. The two songs you released on your website are great, and I can’t wait to hear more of them.

    Good luck at your future shows!

  3. P-I Syndrome Says:

    I don’t suppose you will come to Sweden anytime soon…

  4. So, it’s been a while, when’s the write-up of the event from your perspective? The photos, the shots, the new music! [/demand, demand, demand] :)

    • Ed Saperia Says:

      We haven’t even gotten round to doing the laundry from the gig yet! But photos and videos are being edited, people trying to catch up with their lives, that sort of thing…

      New music: we’re currently organising the recording schedule for the album. 13 people, 9 songs, that’s like 150 hours of studio time…

    • Ed Saperia Says:

      ok ok still no write up but there are pictures here

      We’re working real hard on new stuff though, just hang onto your hat ok!

  5. Your music is absolutely enchanting. There’s really nothing like the atmosphere you create in the two songs released on your website — I honestly cannot stop listening.

  6. So is there any sort of update about your music, good folks? It is a new year, and I’ve seen not hide nor hair nor shred of news about any other tracks, possible videos– trying to stay excited about it all of course, but I’m far too used to waiting years for musicians to make more music. A very strong start– now give fans like me across the big pond some hope for your future. :)


    • Ed Saperia Says:

      I’m sorry we haven’t been keeping you updated so well! We’ve done half of the recording for the album, we have another two weeks in the studio coming up. Lots of other secret projects on the go, including video projects, and a website overhaul starting in the next week or two… just hang in there…

      • Just stumbled onto you recently thanks to Jake von Slat. I am absolutely enthralled by the two songs you currently have released and I can’t wait to hear more. Glad to know that y’all are in the studio recording. I’ll be purchasing a copy as soon as it is out, for sure. I hope that one day you can cross over to the US or that I can hop the pond and catch y’all there. Best Wishes.


  7. Oh I’d love to see your perform. All the costumes and the music atmosphere should be very interesting to see.
    I am waiting for more musics. I want to listen the magician’s song… (If there is one).
    I know that’s kinda impossible, but when you get chance to come to Brazil, come!

  8. The Golden Hour Says:

    Waiting for more joy…
    Waiting for more joy…..

  9. Masque Says:

    I found your music last week while riding in a friends car, and I became i8mmediately entranced. I’m just recently gotten into the Steampunk scene, and you guys are everything I’ve imagined. I know plenty of people here in the US who would love to hear you!

  10. Matthew Says:

    Wow…That concert looks like it would be a great time. Looking forward to new music. The two songs posted here are brilliant!

    Oh, and, you should totally come to Ohio. Definitely. ;)

  11. A.Visionaree Says:

    I am waiting for another update from you guys to hear whats going on!

    I’ve begun to have an affair with the Steampunk idea.

    I like your site and found your band via

    I hope you have a new song come out again soon.

    I think it would be amazing to see a music video of one of your songs!

  12. Inaestamatus Says:

    Any idea for a possible release date for the album or at least the release of a new song?

  13. Duggery Says:

    You folks must be awful busy, I would think, to not have given your fans even news of your activities, whether they signify the coming of more music or not.

    Perhaps it’s time to remedy that.

  14. Yes, please do update us! I just discovered you via thesixtyone and I haven’t been so excited about music in *years*. I eagerly await the chance to exchange goods and/or services for more of your artistic endeavours!

  15. dr_heightsman Says:

    I wish I knew anything that was going on with this outfit… although I suppose posting on a months-old blog post isn’t likely to make that happen.

  16. Guys, please, please.

    You really ought to at least make a new blog and let the fans know how far along things are, or if you folks are even still together. It’s been over a year.

  17. Right, obviously all these tumbleweeds are what’s holding the quartet back. I saw we find a way to utilise them as a power-source for future musical endeavours.

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