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The drum rolls…The music swells…

Posted in The Clockwork Quartet on 9 October 2009 by patrickgleeson

All’s been pretty quiet on the blog for the past month or so. Why? Well, because we’ve furiously preparing our live show, our new online shop to sell tickets for our live show, and all manner of publicity materials to induce people to come to our live show. So you’ll excuse us if we’ve not had much time to stop and reflect.

The advertising and selling of tickets has been a phenomenal success. We very quickly sold out all the tickets we put on sale, and people are clamouring for the final batch (to be released on Sunday morning). As for the show itself… well, we won’t know until it happens (15-17 October, the Horse Hospital, London), but I’d say it’s shaping up pretty well.

If you haven’t been able to get tickets to see the show, don’t worry – we’ll be performing more in the future, as well as recording a full album early in the new year and, just possibly, releasing a video of the show online. If you are coming to see the show, you might be wondering quite what to expect. Well, here’s the best I can do:

If you come expecting to see a band play a gig you’re in for a shock. Yes, there’s going to be a group of musicians standing in front of you. Yes, much of the time they will be playing songs. Yes, you’ll be able to buy drinks, sing along and clap if you want to. But we’re aiming to deliver something far more involved than a mere gig, to immerse you fully in the world we’ve created, to give you spectacle, to give you surprises. To give you the creeps.

If you come expecting to see a piece of musical theatre you’re also in for a shock. Yes, there are stories to be told. Yes, there are characters to be portrayed. Yes, we’ve put serious time and money into creating something visually compelling, with an outlandish selection of props, and costumes. But jazz hands there are not, rousing chorus numbers are not to be found, and no-one will be trying to convince you that it’s all good fun.

What is the show? The show is stories. The show is music. The show is the bastard love-child of an insane producer, a terminally morbid songwriter and a motley ensemble of musicians, actors, artists and layabouts, squeezed mercilessly into this world over the course of a gruelling, remarkable year, now tottering to its feet and vomiting out its antenatal nightmares into a basement where you can still see the stains of century-old horse blood.

Welcome to the show…