The Steamdrone Speaks…

Use headphones or a giant soundsystem for full effect!



16 Responses to “The Steamdrone Speaks…”

  1. That’s incredible sound, with such a strong atmosphere! Are you going to publish it in mp3?

    • Ed Saperia Says:

      Sure, I’ll upload the MP3 tonight for you!

      • Thanks a lot, Ed. by the way, tomorrow, I’m going to London with schoolmates, do you have any personal favourite place in London related to steampunk? I was thinking about something cabaret or pub-like, but I have no idea where to find some info.

  2. Ed Saperia Says:

    Hmm, try Shunt? Bethnal Green Working Man’s Club? Volupté? If you’d given more notice I could have given you a better selection :)

    Perhaps worth starting a thread on the forum to this effect, maybe “What are good Steampunk places to go in London?”

  3. Ed Saperia Says:

    Ooh, better yet, check out Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen, They’re playing at the Soho Theatre I think, see if you can get tickets.

  4. Yaaaar! Ed, I’d give you a hug if you weren’t overseas! I’ll try to google for a while and probably visit some of those great places!

  5. Ed Saperia Says:

    How long are you going to be in town?

  6. Planned arrival is this thursday and we leave next tuesday. Lounges you mentioned all look great, however, do you think it’s possible to enjoy evening there for always-poor students? For example, Volupté looks very stylish, I even wonder if they let us in without suits.

  7. Ed Saperia Says:

    You’re into steampunks and you don’t have suits!? :O

  8. We do! (Despite mine looks quite… funeral-ish), it’s just we thought about going without heavy luggage.

  9. Ed Saperia Says:

    I’m going to that gig on Thursday night, let me know if you’re going, we could meet up.

    Facebook me, I’m the only Edward Saperia, and there you can find my contact details.

  10. Done, Facebooked you right now. I don’t think I can make it on Thursday – arriving that day, probably I’ll go on friday.

    By the way, meeting up is probably not a good idea. I can’t speak and for native Englishman like you, it would be shocking experience.

  11. Ed Saperia Says:

    Sorry – what?

  12. If you can imagine person with tongue burnt from the boiling tea.. after carcrash, that’s probably my communication level. Well, I’m from Czech Republic and our education system is far from ideal in terms of languages.

  13. Ed Saperia Says:

    MP3 uploaded!

  14. Thank you, Ed!

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